2EN professionals do not miss the chance to participate in workshops, evovle our fields of knowledge & practices and challenge the comparison with other professionals.

December 2013

2EN is going to participate in the EWEA Technology Workshop: Wind Power Forecasting, taking place on 03-04 December in Rotterdam.
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June 2013

2EN has successfully participated in EWEA Technology Workshop held in Ireland on June 2013. The subject of the workshop was to compare Energy Yield Assessment on a given wind farm. Results were submitted by 135 organisations from 23 countries related to the sectors:

  • Consultancy
  • Developer
  • R&D/University
  • Wind turbine manufacturer
  • Electricity generator/utility
  • Certification body
  • Service provider

Taking into account Wind farm and turbine data, Wind-climatological and Topographical inputs, 2EN predicted energy yield at 75.64GWh while the actual energy yield was 76.25GWh. This result is only 0.8% less than the real production.

2EN has succeeded to be one of the six teams closest to the observed AEP and close to the overall median in every step of the procedure:

  • Long-term adjustment
  • Vertical profile
  • Flow modelling
  • Park modelling

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May 2011

In the past, 2EN participated in EWEA’s Wind Resource Assessment Technology Workshop held in Brussels on May 2011. The participating organisations were 36 from 16 countries. The workshop covered the following topics:

  • Mesoscale Modelling
  • Remote Sensing
  • Advanced Modelling
  • Wakes
  • Comparison of Resource and Energy Yield Assessment Procedures

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