2EN Sensors

2EN, after several years of research, development and experimental operation began production of anemometers and wind vanes.


Both sensors – anemometer/wind vane – operate on the same principle which is based on angular displacement of their moving parts.
By changing each sensor’s top-moving part and firmware, the sensor operates either as an anemometer or as a wind vane.

Principle of operation

A moving magnet is attached on the rotating axle of the sensor. The absolute angle measurement provides instant indication of the magnet’s angular position with a resolution of 256 positions per revolution. This digital data is handled by the sensors’ firmware and is translated either in wind speed or angular position. A user programmable incremental output is available as a serial bit stream or as a PWM singal allowing implementation of SDI or analogue interface.

Sensor Design Parameters

  • Clever on chip firmware (MCU)
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Robust behavior
  • Linear response
  • Low starting offset
  • Implement indicator for maintenance


The sensor has been tested for electromagnetic stability.
According to EMC HELLAS S.A., 2EN sensors conform to the requirements of EU Harmonized Standards: EN 61326-1.


Protected under the Greek PATENT No. 1006456 / June 2009 
Pending evaluation of application for aerodynamic rotor design. Application No.20160100485 / September 2016

Protected under the US PATENT No. US8474328 B2 / July 2013 

Pending evaluation of application from European Patent Office (EPO) EP2255208