Consuting services

2EN personnel, having long experience and expertise in the field of wind energy and expertise, is available to provide consulting services related to the development of your projects with the minimum investment risk.

Technical Due Diligence - Engineering

  • Project’s Technical Integrity
  • Review of project’s licenses, contracts
  • Confirm the adequacy of contractor’s liability
  • Opine on business plan (capex & opex assumptions, timelines etc.)
  • Key Risks evaluation and mitigation measures on technical aspects
  • Conduct full due diligence reports based on international standards
  • Technical evaluation of network connection

Technical Due Diligence - Energy

  • Wind farm micrositing in complex terrain
  • Long term wind characteristics
  • Energy yield calculation using state of the art SW
  • Documentation of Risk Management through detailed uncertainty analysis
  • Documentation on the technical design parameters, such as availability of windfarm, network losses, icing, wind conditions etc
  • Evaluation of wind farm configuration according to standards

Monitoring of Projects - Construction Supervision

  • Monitor actual progress of construction works
  • Advice on any delays and implement necessary revisions on the construction timeline
  • Compliance of materials and workmanship with the construction requirements and specifications
  • Comment on construction and operation budget
  • Technical reports on the progress of construction
  • Tracking the status of the project

Monitoring of Projects - Operation Monitoring

  • Strict monitoring schedules
  • Monitoring and optimization of operating modules
  • Management of preventive maintenance works
  • Management of repairs
  • Review of the actual wind farm production, comparing with the forecasted
  • Review of production and revenue losses
  • Suggest mitigation measures in case of unexpected incidents

Investment Evaluation

  • Legal assessment of the company
  • Assessment of the subsidies
  • Advise on the financial viability of wind farm
  • Compliance of WF expected revenues to similar projects
  • Risk assessment & Evaluation of the WF financial sensitivity
  • Evaluation of permits & approvals
  • Timeline Review
  • Review of Guarantees and Liabilities
  • Evaluation of purchase and service contracts (WTG, O&M, Grid connection, etc)
  • Review of Environmental Impact Assessment and opine on environmental risks

Project Financing

  • Feasibility studies
  • Determination of investment ratios
  • Lender and/or owner technical assistance during credit negotiation