Our Team

2EN people are committed to respecting excellent legal business practices, combined with market-leading products and services.

Our goal is to satisfy your own needs and expectations.

For this reason:

  • We work flexibly according to the needs of our customers: from mere technicians to providing integrated solutions for complex projects, through effective collaboration, communication, knowledge management and use of appropriate technology.
  • We evolve and constantly improve as a company and as individuals, always responsive to the market’s requirements and the challenges of our business environment.
  • We continually monitor developments and prospects of the renewable energy sector nationally and internationally.
  • We continuously develop new products and services that meet the market’s requirements.

Human Resources

The company is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable personnel:

  • scientific staff (services, system and application development)
  • technical staff (construction/installation, technical support, warehouse management)
  • administrative and financial staff (company management, accounting)


  • Quality Consultants
  • Specialists (developing systems and applications)
  • Experienced climbers
  • Subcontractors – Suppliers for:
  • Raw materials
  • Industrial equipment
  • Cutting and shaping sheet metal
  • Metal extrusion