WindSim Software

2EN is an official reseller partner of WindSim software in Greece.

Why choose WindSim

  • Allows the design of wind farms and optimization of turbine placement maximizing energy production and profits.
  • Uses the site’s digital terrain model together with wind measurements to calculate results.
  • Precisely calculates the characteristics of the wind (shear, vear, turbulence) on the turbines locations.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

WindSim is a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) program that calculates the wind map of a given area by solving Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) non-linear equations.
Solving nonlinear transport equations for mass, momentum and energy gives WindSim the ability to accurately simulate the wind potential in areas of complex topography and climatic conditions.
The process of solving the above nonlinear differential equations is iterative. Starting with hypothetical initial conditions, the solution occurs progressively through iterations until the convergent solution.
The flow variables solved are:

  • Pressure
  • Speed components
  • Turbulent kinetic energy
  • Turbulence dissipation rate

Unified interface

Easier data management and export results thanks to the following 6 modules:


Accurate simulation of wind farms flow field

The fluid dynamics digital models (CFD) in conjunction with roughness data(vegetation, presence of buildings …) which are added to the digital terrain model (DTM), offer a more realistic prediction of the effect of topography on the flow field, than simpler, linear models used in other software.

New WindSim version 5.0 features

  • New Park Optimizer utility that calculates the optimal wind farm layout
  • Remote sensing correction utility for data from LIDAR and SODAR
  • Improved interractive 3D-interface
  • Possibility to digitize and merge roughness data with the digital terrain model using the new Terrain Editor utility
  • Noise calculation
  • Wind map calculation using thermal stratification
  • Multi-CPU utilization for faster calculations