The specifications for the implementation of net-metering are finally set and the Special Program of Photovoltaic Systems Installation from Auto-producers is established! 2EN undertakes to conduct the energy study and compose the folder required for the application. The program of net-metering is not addressed to investors, who aim to make money through the energy produced …


2EN has been accepted as a member of MEASNET group. Measurements perforned by Enallaktiki Energiaki SA fulfill the measurement quality criteria of MEASNET.


2EN S.A. participated in the “Innovative Product Award – Small and Medium Business” category and the “Innovative Industrial Product Award” for the product “Sensor for measuring wind speed and direction”. The company came in top places for both categories, receiving the Silver Award. Here are some photos from the awards ceremony. For more information, click …


2EN will be participating at WIND EUROPE CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION 2019 taking place in Bilbao on 02-04 April. We are expecting to meet you in booth 1-D72. Read More


2EN will be participating at WIND ENERGY 2018 taking place in Hamburg on 25-28 September. We are expecting to meet you in booth A1-331. Read More


The Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies issued a new PV investment guide. Read more on the link 


2EN SA was introduced by ICAP Group among the number of companies who complete this year 15 years of business history.