Meteorological masts

quality of construction

assembly on the ground

tilt-up erection

zero footprint

Long experience

>30km masts installed

Over the past 30 years, 2EN has installed and monitored hundreds of meteorological masts all accross Greece and abroad, some of which on difficult terrain and extreme conditions sites. Analysis and testing of mast dimensions and materials have helped developing highly reliable masts for every weather condition.

2EN operates relying on the quality management system of international standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and produces certified products bearing CE marking.
Tubular masts are designed in accordance with the requirements of the TIA/EIA-222-F standard, while lattice masts are designed according to the specifications laid down by the Eurocodes 1, 3, 8, 9, BS EN 795.
Lattice masts models are certified by TUV HELLAS for the ultimate load strength diagram expressed by the mean wind speed vs. radial ice on the cables and tower body.

2EN masts include models of tubular masts made of steel alloy and lattice masts made of aluminum alloy.
All masts higher than 30m are electro-statically painted in two different colors (red / white) to comply to the civil aviation authority requirements. The electrostatic paint has special marine treatment in order to be more stable in marine environment.


The design and development of 2EN masts is made with the most modern design methods using CAD-CAE specialized software.
Modelling design and assembly as well as finite element analysis techniques were integrated within Unigraphics NX.
2EN masts are designed to withstand wind velocities of more than 50m/sec with icing. In high altitude areas, (greater than 1000m) the heavy snowfall during the winter might build ice over the guy wires, which results in heavy loading of the anchors and the structure.