Company Profile

2EN (Enallaktiki Energiaki S.A.), operates since 2001 in the field of RES and offers specialized services to the industry of Wind Energy, Marketing, Design and construction of photovoltaic power plants and Development of Autonomous Energy Supply Units.

Featuring a high level of expertise, vast experience on RES studies and highly trained staff, 2EN undertakes all the tasks, from planning, designing and legal procedures to materials procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of projects.


Having considerable experience in the field of RES, 2EN aims at

  • high quality service provision for RES projects,
  • optimizing project design, Minimize investment risks,
  • following international standards,
  • manufacturing meteorological measurement systems,
  • developing innovative sensors and sophisticated power units,
  • strengthening the international sales network.


  • We evolve in a ever-changing environment, striving to achieve the goals and vision of the company’s human resources, customers and partners.
  • We are flexible to meet the market’s needs, using the appropriate technology.

Quality Policy

The company has established, documents, develops and maintains a quality system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO / IEC 17025:2017. Our quality policy:

    • Identifies the strategy, systems, programs, procedures and guidelines to be used to ensure the quality of products and services,
    • Identifies the processes needed to manage the Quality System,
    • Determines criteria and methods needed to ensure efficient operation and effective control of these processes,
    • Ensures the availability of resources and information necessary for the support, operation and monitoring of these processes,
    • Monitors, measures and analyzes these processes,
    • Implements actions to achieve the specified results and the continuous improvement of processes.


    • Installation, maintenance and monitoring of hundreds wind measurement stations on behalf of numerous Greek or international companies.
    • Installation of meteorological stations network in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, in France, in Turkey, in Cyprus, in Egypt, in Libya and in Albania.
    • Participation in the construction of the wind atlas of Greece.
    • Measurements with captive balloons and radiosondes, on behalf of the National Observatory of Athens.
    • Remote sensing using LIDAR (WINDCUBE), ensuring the integrity, safety and continuous operation of the system.
    • Wind potential site assessment and site selection for large scale wind farm installations.
    • Wind farm micrositing and energy yield estimation for over 500 MW of total installed capacity for various developers.
    • Design and construction of PV power plants and rooftop systems.
    • Technical due diligence of power plants.
    • Providing technical consultancy services to numerous investors or banks.
    • Participation in numerous exhibitions in Europe.

International presence

2EN has made its name recognizable abroad by providing services and products in countries such as:

      • France
      • Italy
      • Albania
      • Turkey
      • Cyprus
      • Egypt
      • Libya