NP-Social responsibility


Ensure adequate working conditions and infrastructure

  • Develop new building infrastructure to provide excellent working conditions in a modern and pleasant environment that facilitates growth and helps employees evolve.
  • Inspection and preventive maintenance of building equipment.
  • Control and tidiness of workplaces and storage areas.
  • Compliance with the required safety standards and providing of the required equipment for working outdoors, so that staff is working smoothly and without risk.
  • Regular maintenance of electronic equipment to ensure uninterrupted functioning.
  • Ensure the smooth and safe operation of the company vehicles.


Development of creativity

  • Continuous development and training of our staff, in response to our business environment and the market’s requirements.
  • Establish a dynamically evolving system of organization and operation, to achieve the objectives and ambitions of our staff.
  • Continuous assessment of the work in progress


Internal Communication

  • Establish appropriate communication processes within the company and promote participative management.
  • Ensuring that our employees are aware of the importance and the responsibility of their actions according to the specified quality objectives.
  • Continuous improvement of Quality Policy and notification of all staff in order to achieve compatibility with the general and current rules of the company.
  • Internal inspections to ensure the level of service quality.


  • Committing to the quality of the products and services we provide.
  • Identifying our customers’ requirements and evaluating the provided services in order to increase their satisfaction through of quality system processes.
  • Protecting our customers’ and partners’ information and sensitive data as well as their owner’s rights through our secure technological infrastructure and the use of this infrastructure for tasks such as downloading, recording and managing data and results.
  • Securing the available equipment and materials supplied by clients by keeping them in appropriate environmental conditions, according to their specifications.


  • Commitment to use excellent and lawful professional practices
  • Monitoring and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Empowering local communities by offering
  • job vacancies
  • information on the need of environmental action to mobilize citizens
  • Strengthening social and cultural life
  • educational activities for students on the importance of renewable energy


  • The focus of our corporate existence and development is our vision for Renewable Energy.
  • Actions for better waste management and recycling in the community.
  • Recycling of damaged met-masts.
  • Fire fighting actions, volunteer fire protection group.